In 2005 I decided II had fulfilled all my showbiz aspirations packed it all in and went off on a bike. In 2016 I came back with a book. Here are some reviews:

"John Dowie is the archaeopteryx of alternative comedy, in that the fossil record makes no sense without him. Now, with The Freewheeling John Dowie, this appallingly funny and delightfully miserable man delivers hard-won insights into the great cycle of life and love and death from the vantage point of a great cycle. In this marvellous book, one of the most important comic voices of our time explores Britain, Europe and his own life in the effortless glide that comes with any downhill journey. I genuinely cannot recommend this cornucopia of middle-England majesty too highly.” ALAN MOORE

"If you know of John Dowie, and were lucky enough to see him perform, you’ll recognise the distinctive voice in which he writes this lovely book: by turns hilarious, caustic, nostalgic, disgruntled, contemplative and coruscating. If you haven’t encountered him yet, you have a treat in store …Reading this book is like going for an afternoon drink with the most entertaining companion you could wish for, in the best pub you’ll ever find, and finally parting, tearfully, at midnight. P B DAVIES

"When I got to the bit where John Dowie wakes up in a grave yard with his underpants on his head I had to put the book down, I was laughing so much. (And I was only on page 20.) It's a very funny and poignant memoir without a shred of self aggrandising in it, and I really hope he has another book underway. BRIAN PATTEN

"The best book I’ve read this year. A delightful trip inside the mind of a funny, clever and alarmingly wise man” JULIAN CLARY

“Unbound", who published my book, decided to unpublish it and got rid of all extant copies. Second-hand copies turn up from time to time. I have reclaimed the rights and hope to see it republished sometime in the future. Meanwhile ... © John Dowie 2013