Acne * Idiot * Hitler's Liver

Bass & Piano: Ged Green. Guitar: Simon White. Drums: Bruce Mitchell. Backing Vocals: C.P.Lee. 

Produced by C P Lee, Cargo Studios, Rochdale.  

It's Hard To Be An Egg

Piano: JD. Overdubs: Steve Hopkins.

Produced by Martin Hannet, Strawberry Studios, Stockport.

Mime Sketch

Live @ The Gulbenkian Studio Theatre, Newcastle-on-Tyne.

 Engineer: Phil Freeman. Produced by Stuart Rogers.

British Tourist (I Hate The Dutch) * Jim Callaghan * Naked Noolies In The Moonlight * I Don't Want to Be Your Amputee * Mew Wave * Time Warp

Keyboards, Backing Vocals & Arrangements: Pete Batley. Bass: Gavin Lawson. Guitar & Banjo: Dick Nelson. Drums: Jim Bates.

Produced by John Dowie. Engineer: Ron Lee. Lee Sound Studios, West Midlands.


Backing Vocals: C.P.Lee. Guitars: Mike Clements & Simon White. Bass: John Scott. Drums: Bruce Mitchell.

Produced by Bruce Mitchell, Pennine Sound Studios, Manchester.

Irritation * Beer

Piano: JD. Drums: Bruce Mitchell. Sax: John Scott. Bass: Ian “Mog” Morris.

Produced by John Dowie. Lost in the Mists of Time Studios, Manchester.

Grounded In Reality * Angry Old Men * Love You (Like Hell)

Keyboard: JD. Guitar & Backing Vocals: Tony de Meur: Keyboards & Computers: Bryn Burrows.

Produced by Bryn Burrows, Sound of Wall Studios, Brighton.

I'm Here To Entertain You * Miserable Childhood * Nietzsche * No More Fucking

Recorded live at the Zap Club, 5th December 1985, by the Zap Club. Mixed at Harewood Studios. Engineer: Chris Staines. Produced by Rupert Gavin. 

All tracks written by John Dowie except Grounded In Reality, Angry Old Men & Love You (Like Hell) written by John Dowie & Tony de Meur. © John Dowie 2013