The Cameraman’s Story

This story was told to me by a BBC film cameraman. He was perched on a gantry inside a church, filming some sort of religious programme involving the army. “500 soldiers,” he told me, “Marched into the church in perfect step. 500 soldiers,” he continued, “Moved in unison into their respective pews. 500 hundred soldiers sat down together. And then,” the cameraman said, “499 soldiers removed their caps." The 500th soldier simply sat, his cap still on, looking around at the church interior, admiring the architecture and the stained glass windows. “I thought we’d have to go again,” the cameraman told me, “But the director said no. We didn’t have the time or the money.” And then a Regimental Sergeant Major marched the entire length of the church, came to a halt at the pew in which the soldier sat, and bellowed, “You – Soldier! Do you not know you are in the House of God? You CUNT.”

They had to go again.

Another story not found in “The Freewheeling John Dowie”, more details here © John Dowie 2013